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Mezcal Koch Espadín


Mezcal Koch Espadin from San Baltazar Guelavila, Oaxaca has been cultivated by master mezcalero Pedro Hernandez which contains fruity, sweet and light coconut, followed by nuances of herbs and spices. It is made from 100% cultivated agave and is very round on the palate. This liqueur comes from tequila blue maguey and henequen with a duration of 8 years.

When consuming this product, it can be visualized that it is transparent, crystalline, and soft. Its smell is considered as a mild alcohol. It has an aroma of ripe fruit and a medium smoke. We also found a slight herbal smell. The flavor is ripe agave, contains a sweet touch and slightly coconut. There are also subtle flavors of fresh herbs and spices.

Mezcal Koch has been promoting the terroirs of the multiple Oaxacan regions since some organoleptic characteristics of mezcal also depend on this. Koch espadín mezcal is a mezcal made with maguey grown with most types of répandu, chelem (Mayan), doba-yej (Zapotec: maguey de fleurs), hamoc (seri), juya cuu (mai: mezcal de la montagne ) and yavi Incyo (Mixtec). ), amole, bacanora, maguey champ, espadilla, espadin, mezcal zapupe.

Since its foundation, Enmezcalarte has worked with the Mano a Mano philosophy, which includes bringing products from the hands of artisans to the tables of those who delight, whether they are experts in the field, or immersed in the flavor of Mexico.