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Mezcal Los Danzantes Joven


Mezcal Los Danzantes Joven is a mezcal made with a special selection of agave from the valley of Oaxaca. Cooked in a conical oven under ground stone boulders, with mesquite firewood. Ground in Chilean bakery pulled by horse. Fermented in pine vats, slowly and naturally (without accelerators) and with classical music to help the cycle of microorganisms, and double distilled in copper stills.


View: It is colorless Nose: Balanced and friendly aromas of herbs greens and cooked maguey with light notes of acetones.

Mouth: Refined flavors, light but sharply accentuated in herbs and citrus giving way to sweet tones and a lingering finish in the mouth of flavors of cooked agave and mesquite fumes.