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Mezcal Se Busca Joven


A super premium, marking the company's entry into one of the fastest growing super premium spirits categories. SE BUSCA is made with 100% Agave Augustfolia Espadín using a traditional process employed in San Juan del Río, a small town in Oaxaca, Mexico for 200 years.

Balancing rich cooked agave, gunpowder and mesquite, master mezcaleros Rodolfo and Mary Lopez Sosa make this mezcal following an artisan process that has been in their family for generations.

SE BUSCA is a tribute to the brave women of the Mexican revolution who fought shoulder to shoulder shoulder to shoulder with their husbands, parents and siblings, and who were baptized with the names of Adelitas and Soldaderas. It is a tribute to his war cry, which showed that in every revolution there is always love.