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Mezcal Zignum Añejo


The Mezcal Zignum Añejo from the Zignum Distillery (Mexico) is a 100% Agave Espadín mezcal. It is the maximum expression of the Master Mezcalero's experience that combines distillates perfectly aged in barrels producing extraordinary results.

The agave pineapples are harvested at their full maturity to give the final distillate its authentic flavor. Zignum Añejo is then aged in a combination of French and American oak for 18 months, thus acquiring greater complexity and character. It is ideal to be enjoyed straight on special occasions. Zignum Distillery Zignum, which means “spearhead”, is recognized as an exceptionally soft and fine.

The Master Mezcalero and his people make it with passion and commitment to the environment; from the field to the barrel and from the barrel to the bottle. The agave pineapples are harvested when fully ripe to give the final distillate its authentic flavor. The distillery stands out for its Green Method Sustainability Programs, which aim to preserve the natural environment and leave the least possible impact: water that results from the distillation stage is reused in the agave fields and common areas. Additionally, rainwater is collected and solar panels are used for use in the distillery.

Zignum supports the harvest of a wide variety of agave species in danger of extinction and leads their research and study. It is also committed to green initiatives that will preserve the natural environment for generations to come and continues its search for opportunities to be even more eco-friendly every day.