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Tequila Cabeza


Tequila Cabeza is distilled at the El Ranchito distillery in Arandas (Jalisco) and is made by the Vivanco family using cleft agaves that have been cultivated for 5 generations on their 800-hectare ranch. The jimadores collect them at the age of 7 to 9 years, when the agave already has a sugar content of 23-28%.

The pineapples are cooked for 24 hours at 100ºC and then left to cool before being manually inserted into the mill. There, the juice is separated from the fibers and natural water is added. The agave juice ferments with the help of champagne yeasts in tanks during the spring months. It is filtered only after the first distillation and no oxygenation techniques are used.

Before being bottled, Cabeza tequila also remains in stainless steel tanks for 60 days. Cabeza Tequila is a tequila that wants to preserve the character of the agave as much as possible.