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Tequila Jose Cuervo Tradicional Reposado


Jose Cuervo Traditional Reposado Tequila is the product of an artisan process that is born in the fields of the Jose Cuervo Family, with a meticulous selection of the best Weber tequilana agaves at their best point of maturation. Only the pineapples are left, which later go through a delicate cooking process in stone and clay ovens to make way for the extraction of mead.

This mead is fermented until the sugar is completely consumed in the fermentation process, becoming alcohol to continue with a double double distillation in copper stills to maintain the distinctive flavor of natural agave. Process that results in a delicious Mexican drink with a crystalline and bright color with bluish sparkles, essence of agave, citrus notes, fruit tones and a sweet flavor balanced with spices, which make Cuervo Traditional tequila.


Appearance: Straw color with bright golden tones of great body.

Nose: Balance between agave, fruity notes, woody tones and fresh herbs.

Mouth: In the mouth it presents slightly spicy agave flavors with a smoky and subtly citrus finish.