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Tequila La Malinche Gold


La Malinche Gold Tequila is a distillate from the Blue Agave, the maguey species that predominates in the fields of Jalisco, the Mexican state where tequila was born. Made by Tequila del Señor, one of the most prestigious and traditional houses.

It was founded in 1943 by Don César García and has received several national and international awards. La Malinche is an iconic figure in the history of the Conquest. Of noble origin within the Nahuatl culture, it was given as a gift to Hernán Cortés and played a key role as interpreter, counselor and even lover of Cortés. They both had a son together, perhaps one of the first products of this miscegenation that created Mexican culture.She is a mythical character for Mexicans, considered from victim or martyr, to traitor and conspirator.

However, it is very likely that La Malinche was the mother of this new breed. La Malinche Gold Tequila stands out for its herbaceous and ambivalent flavor: sweet on one hand and spicy on the other. Ideal to be drunk neat, at room temperature or cold, with lemon or in a refreshing margarita. It can also be drunk in a shot glass, accompanied by chili pepper and a slice of lime.

Tequila La Malinche Gold has been aged in American white oak barrels for up to seven years.