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The Easiest Tamales de Pibil

The Easiest Tamales de Pibil

Did you get the baby Jesus in your rosca slice and don't know how to make tamales?

Here is the easiest, four step guide to make the perfect tamales for Dia de la Candelaria!

The Easiest Tamales de Pibil 

Prep: 45 min

Serves 4


70gr tamal leaves

500 gr maseca tamal

300 gr Doña maria salsa pibil

250 gr shredded chicken

400 gr chicken stock

400 gr shortening or lard

1 tbsp baking powder

Salt to taste


For toppings:

Pickled purple onion

Extra Doña maria salsa pibil


Step 1: Make the dough whip your shortening, add 3 cups of the tamal flour to a large bowl, with your hands gradually alternate between adding the shortening and broth, add salt to taste and baking powder. Mix until the masa is uniform and light, the texture should be that of a thick cake batter.

Step 2: Prep your filling mix the shredded chicken with the salsa pibil let it simmer for 5-7 minutes, set it aside.

Step 3: assemble the tamales pat the tamal leaf dry, then fill them assembly line-style: on the wide end of the husk, with a spoon spread 3 tablespoons dough to within 1/2 inch of the edges. Top each with 2 tb of the chicken pibil. Fold the long sides of the husk over the filling. Make sure they overlap slightly for a secure closure. Fold the narrow end of husk over. Tie with a strip of husk to secure. Repeat until all of the husks are filled and secured.

Step 4: Steam! Place a large steamer basket in a your stockpot over 1 in. Of water. Place the tamales upright in the steamer and cover with remaining tamal leaves. Bring the water to a boil. Let them steam, covered, for 45 minutes to an hour.


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