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About Us

We are a 100% proud Mexican company, Casa Mexicana was born out of the need to make authentic Mexican products available for all. We aim to become a reference of authenticity, quality products and a guide on how to use and prepare easy Mexican recipes, to foster the appreciation of authentic Mexican cuisine.

Casa Mexicana became Portugal's first 100% Mexican food importer, when in 2020 we realized the amount of new Lisbon residents looking for our products. We take great pride in bringing you the flavors of Mexico in their most authentic form!

Casa Mexicana also acts as a platform for Mexican artisans, cooks and food entrepreneurs locally to promote Mexican artisanal practices such as Otomi hand embroidery and the artisanal production of intricate dishes like tamales, Northern style flour tortillas and cochinita pibil, as well as specialty sweet breads and desserts like conchas and pan de muertos.

We thank you for visiting our site and we hope you enjoy the experience!

 Mi casa es su casa !


Check out our newest project

Casa Mexicana Magazine

Welcome to our first edition of Picante Magazine, where you will be able to meet our team, learn from our CEO as she gives tips on how to pick the best products, and see our latest promotions!