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Restaurant & Wholesale Pricing


At Casa Mexicana we offer special Restaurant and Wholesale pricing, if you would like to register as a new client and receive 10%, 15% or up to 25% off retail price, fill out the form below:


To better serve you and your business needs please be very specific about your monthly requirements at the time of your registry, we will not accept new registrants if this information is not provided.


How to order:

1. Go to our website www.casamexicana.shop and choose the products you would like to buy.

2. Enter your information at checkout including your email linked to your registered account.

3. Enter the Discount Code to receive 25% off your order.
4. Complete payment and receive your invoice by email.
* We do not accept orders by email, by phone or by list, all orders must be processed through our website and paid for in advance using our numerous payment methods, if there are products not available that you would like to order by the box, email us at hola@casamexicana.shop with your request.


If you are already registered to order from our full catalogue and price list please use the monthly excel provided and remember the following:

- Orders of less than a box of product will NOT be accepted through our Catalogue.

- If you would like to order products by the unit please do so with the available products on our website, all inventory is up to date online.

- Please take into account that we are experiencing longer than usual waiting times to receive product, count between 8 to 12 business days from the day of your order confirmation until receipt of product during the summer months.

- Product availability can change at anytime. All prices, special offers and promotions are based on availability.

- Delivery costs are not included and are quoted separately.

- All orders must be paid upfront.

How to order:

1. Once you receive our monthly excel, place your order by adding the number of boxes per product on Column 'N' where it says PLACE YOUR ORDER

2. Email to hola@casamexicana.shop

3. Wait for confirmation of your order and payment instructions

4. Complete payment and receive your invoice by email.


Ask us about our other services:

- Would you like to order from our complete catalogue and price list, we have over 500 products available for purchase, ask us how it works!

- We offer Menu and Product Consultancy for new and established restaurants looking for a change.

- We do Restaurant Workshops focused on the basics of Mexican cooking to masterclasses for specific dishes.

- We work hand in hand with our restaurant clients to make Monthly Purchasing Plans, order in bulk and receive more savings!

- Want to relieve yourself of the headache of restocking? Ask us how our 360° Product Admin and Restocking plans work!

- We offer Monthly Storage Facilities for restaurants that don’t have the space to store their products, we have weekly, monthly and yearly plans.

- Need to Hire Mexican Chefs and Staff, we can help, ask us about our HR services.

Any questions?

Email us at ventas@casamexicana.shop

Jonathan Ibarra, Sales Manager Lisbon
+351  212 485 991
Yassiry Olivier, Sales Manager Porto
+351  223 209 458