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Rockaleta Paleta Enchilada 1 un


Rockaleta Paleta Enchilada 1 un

Rockaleta is the bad ass of all lollypops, there's no point on beating around the bush on this one. Every Mexican kid (and some adults) dream come true!

The first layer is red, sticky, spicy and soft. When you get through it, you'll reach the sweet lime layer, it's bright atomic green in colour. The third layer is scary yellow and it's the sour pineapple flavour one. The fourth and last layer is the bitter orange one and yes, it's bright orange too! Once you get through all the layers, you will end up with the bubble gum centre, which you can chew to your hearts content. By then, your tongue will be multicolor!

Details:  Rockaleta, Sonrics, 24 grams

Care: keep in a dry, cool place.